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Constantly developing greenhouse constructions we have gained maximum usage of sunlight (when using float glass light transmission is no less than 90%), frame weight reduction and at the same time  strength enhancement. We also use a new patented technology for roof ridge fixation.

Our constructions meet European standard EN 13031 and are produced at Dutch factories. We never fail our clients; for instance,   over the last years our clients have suffered least of all from hurricanes in Europe.

Our greenhouses are provided with frameworks, fastening elements and steel zinc-coated  metalware. Frameworks and gutters are made of aluminum, metalware for fixation of aluminum constructions – of stainless steel. That is why our constructions can be used for many decennia without any signs of corrosion.

Greenhouses based on our constructions possess excellent characteristics as far as cost-effective use of resources is concerned. Special tubular gaskets are already integrated into the purlings which guarantees reliable and constant glass gasketing regardless of any temperature extremes. Side aluminum constructions make it possible to install both single and double glass.

All the substructure calculations are made using a special computer-aided design software  CASTA/Greenhouses. This programme helps you design and test Venlo and wide-span greenhouses and greenhouse parts in accordance with the Dutch NEN 3859 standard and other national and international building norms.  It gives a quick insight into the consequences of various alternatives. Although greenhouse constructions meet the European standard, it does not mean that climate loads on the  can be tolerated only within the boundaries of a producing country. All the loads are calculated individually for each client and are based on real  on-site conditions.


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