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  • different types of film, including F-clean with maximum UV transmission
  • optimal ventilation system, including Cabrio and gable ventilation system
  • aluminum roof profile and exterior structure profile
  • aluminium gutter
  • long-life greenhouse film
  • reliable film fastening system
  • the cost is lower than that of glasshouses
  • high quality of materials and installation works based on 25-year companys experience

All the constructions and materials are produced in Europe. A 25-year experience of the specialists of the Dutch company in engineering and building of plastic greenhouses enables us to claim that, having chosen us you have chosen state-of-the-art technology.

Just like glass greenhouses, plastic greenhouses are also provided with steel zinc-coated frameworks and fastening elements.

All the constructions can be provided with both single- and double-layer film.

Specials types of film (including F-Clean) and its unique fastening system make installation works and repairs easy and contribute to its long-term usage. It is also worth mentioning that there is no need to dismantle film annually in heated greenhouses.


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