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Hortipar B.V.
Hoogendoorn Growth Management



  • unified automated greenhouse control systems, meteostations, climate control, irrigation systems, power stations
  • software in English or Your language
  • ebb and flood systems, irrigation machines
  • drip irrigation systems
  • high pressure misting system
  • water storages, rainwater collection systems  
  • filter stations
  • automatic irrigation units and dosing-stations
  • drainage collection, disinfection and recirculation systems
  • water treatment systems for different water types   
  • vertical and horizontal screening systems
  • assimilation lighting
  • electrical boards, cable trays, power and control cables
  • sulfur evaporators
  • circulation ventilators  
  • hanging and standing gutters, moveable tables
  • automatic sorting and packaging lines
  • trolleys for plants tending and crop
  • equipment for young plants department
  • cassettes, pots, substrates
  • chemical plant protection machines
  • any greenhouse equipment and devices  

"VENLO" holding builds and equips glass and plastic greenhouses of any size in accordance with the client’s requirements. Greenhouses are adjusted to the environment, weather conditions and the type of cultivated plants.

Dutch specialists will promptly develop the general concept, project, build a greenhouse and keep all the automatic systems (heating, humidification, screening, irrigation and others) running. There will be used state-of-the-art technologies. Quality guarantee is extended.



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