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A Dutch company Hortipar B.V. is engaged in developing and delivery of integrated assimilation lighting systems.

In its projects the company uses only the most reliable components of the highest quality of the worlds leading producers:


Assimilation lighting system can be fitted with the following fixtures:

Electromagnetic fixtures:

400 W / 230 V EM
600 W / 400 V EM
600 W / 230 V EM
750 W / 400 V EM


Electronic fixtures:

600 W / 400 V EM
750 W / 400 V EM
1000 W / 400 V EM

All the fixtures are supplied with a lighting plan and guarantee.


In our assortment we have reflectors made of MIRO material. They possess a good light-reflecting capacity.

Reflectors are easy-to-use and do not need costly service.

You can also reanodise your old reflectors.


We fit our assimilation lighting systems with GE Philips lamps.
400 W / 230 V
600 W / 400 V EL
600 W / 230 V
750 W / 400 V
750 W / 230 V
1000 W / 400 V

When buying lamps we carry out their independent check (the quality check is carried out by the independent company MULTI-MEET).


For all types of fixtures with electromagnetic ballasts we offer high quality easy to build in capacitors.

40 µF for 400 W / 230 V
20 µF for 600 W / 400 V
60 µF for 600 W / 230 V
22,5 µF for 750 W / 400 V
65 µF for 750 W / 230 V

Reflector cleaning:

All reflectors need to be handled properly. The solution to the problem is a mechanical cleaning of reflectors at our Dutch factory.

The cleaning takes place in 6 stages after which reflectors get back their good light-reflecting capacity.



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