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  • full service engineering, building and fitting out of the boiler room and the whole heating system
  • optional professional equipment, consulting, design, engineering support
  • unified automatic control system for boiler room and climate control
  • high quality boilers and component parts
  • electricity generating power stations
  • burners running on gas, liquid and solid fuel
  • heat accumulator tanks for optimization of the whole system
  • frequency regulated pump stations
  • energy-saving technologies
  • water treatment systems for a boiler room

Within the framework of a turn-key project we develop and supply modern cost-saving reliable heating systems for our glass and plastic greenhouses. We can also calculate, supply and install a heating system for an existing greenhouse within the programme of its total or partial reconstruction.

All the elements of the system are calculated individually for each client. When doing so, we use our knowledge, experience, greenhouse structure, crop and the information received from the client. In our heating system calculations we take into account a real outdoor temperature drop, which will ensure the functionality of the whole greenhouse complex in any region. While developing the project engineers are constantly in touch with other developers and suppliers of the project which is important for the integration of the heating system into the general greenhouse project.

It is also of great importance that all the works concerning heating system, like calculations,   units production, packaging, installation and start-up and commissioning are carried out by our specialists. That guarantees high quality at a reasonable price.

Our systems are supplied only with the most reliable,  time-tested boilers, burners, pumps, valves, pipes en other no less important details which ensure accident-free operation and simple service.


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