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Hoogendoorn Growth Management

Hoogendoorn Growth Management

The Hoogendoorn Growth Management company – is an important part of our Holding.

The Hoogendoorn production and the company’s participation in our holding  differentiate us from other suppliers in a good way.

Hoogendoorn is noted for being the most innovative automation expert in glasshouse horticulture. Its computers and software have been controlling all manner of climatic conditions for 40 years.

We invite you for a little fotoexcursion through the company:


Where we are

The company develops and manufacture all its products from its headquarters in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands.

Help Desk – remote assistance to customers

Our clients can rely on the timely round-the-clock. Foreign clients can also apply for help  in the offices of the company and its dealers in Great Britain, France, Spain, the USA, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Russia.

People behind the business

Hoogendoorn Growth Management is part of the Hoogendoorn Group having a workforce of 120 staff. The company’s extensive R&D department develops new products and services base don the most frequent customers requests.

Training center

The company sells automatic control systems all over the world through its dealers network; its specialists are being in  constant contact with the firm, receiving all the information about the newest developments while being trained and retrained.

Operator Terminal for automated greenhouse control. The model out of 1978 year.

More than 40 years have our computers and Hoogedoorn software been controlling all the greenhouse systems all over the world.

iSii Process computer, the latest company’s product

Clear. Flexible. And intelligent. That is iSii: the latest process computer of Hoogendoorn. iSii combines the latest advanced technology with the most clear, specific and easy control options. With iSii you are ready for the future! Soon iSii will be also available in Russia.



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