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General information about the Holding:

  • VENLO greenhouses have passed the test of time, also in Russia, and enjoy great popularity.  Constructions are calculated with the help of a special computer programme CASTA, which is used by Dutch greenhouse building companies. The lifetime of the greenhouses according to Euro Standard EN 13031-1 is more than 30 years.
  • VENLO offers you the whole package of services: engineering, building and  the new generation equipment for greenhouse complexes.
  • VENLO is responsible for the guarantee end post-guarantee maintenance.
  • VENLO gives training for technical and agronomic stuff and provides services of Dutch agronomist.
  • The presence of own office in Moscow makes it possible to respond to requests from our clients quickly and ensure good service.
  • VENLO solves all the questions concerning preparation and agreement of putting into operation and project documentation together with the client in accordance with local requirements.
  • VENLO engages Russian project and building contracting organizations which have all the necessary licenses and experience in engineering and building of complex objects.
  • VENLO, following Dutch traditions, will provide you with a complete and objective commercial offer including the prices of not only materials but also installation of a greenhouse and equipment.
  • If necessary, VENLO can also assist you in buying qualitative seedlings and expendable materials for pot-plants growth.
  • VENLO can assist you in obtaining a long-term credit in a western bank on good conditions so you will get a suitable finance scheme.  

Greenhouses which were built 20 – 30 years ago, have great heat losses, need reconstruction  and do not bring former profit. Venlo holding can also reconstruct your greenhouses and fit them out with modern equipment, although it is often more profitable to break down an old greenhouse and to build on its place a new one.  Such a greenhouse would be relatively inexpensive if we take into account its efficiency and a quick payback.

It is of great importance that our specialists (projectors, engineers, builders) have a good building experience in Russia and are acquainted with the local requirements for documentation, building works and   further functioning of a greenhouse.

On the basis of a separate contract we can also provide services of a Dutch agronomist, give training for Russian specialists and exercise online control over all the greenhouse systems directly from Holland.


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